Having a growing business with offices in different states is exciting, but it’s also not without challenges!  With two offices in two different states and clients all over the Southeast, the North team is always on the move. It’s important we are able to not only reach team members and clients but stay organized and productive while on the road and living in different cities. Feeling connected is essential to our team of PR professionals and there are a few crucial tools we use to do that.


You’ve heard it time and time again but Asana is the lifeblood of keeping our team organized and on point.

Asana is a project management tool but also so much more. We use it to communicate on projects, link documents to project information and share priorities with our clients. Our team is asked to check Asana at the least every morning and every afternoon however there are a few of us who are always logged in, answering questions, talking with clients and creating and checking off tasks.

If your team, whether in different offices or all in the same place, does not have a project management system you more than likely are missing out on productivity.


Beep. Calling #Bosslady. Beep.

Voxer is an app that puts old-school walkie talkies back in the palm of your hand through the wonderful world of cell phone apps. While texts and emails are great, sometimes hearing each other’s voices is important to talking through a project and getting things done. Voxer is our answer to ensuring that happens.

Voxer allows us to talk to each other regularly without phone call after phone call. If you haven’t downloaded it already do so immediately!

You can send a voice message at any time and just like text or email as soon as the receiver has a free minute they can check the message and respond. Its great when we’re working an event and running around because it allows us to send quick messages while on the go without having to make a phone call or run into a wall because we were texting while walking in heels! And it has become a lifesaver for when #thedelegator or #bossladynorth are one the road because they Voxer instead of texting those urgent messages and updates!

We use it for both person to person voice messages but also group messaging. Brainstorming and team input is a large part of North’s approach to creating the best campaigns and communications for our clients and Voxer is a tool we use to make sure when a great idea pops into one of our heads we get it down, even if we’re on the go! .


When email, text, and voxer don’t work, VSee does the trick. VSee is a video calling service that was designed for telehealth but is also used by astronauts. If it is good enough for space explorers it’s good enough for the North team!

Our entire team is instructed to have Vsee open and active — green light on — whenever you are in the office and available. It makes popping in to someone’s office while they are 900 miles away much easier.

There are many programs out there that allow for similar functions as VSee however we have found it’s the most user friendly and efficient programs out there.

Being a remote team has it’s challenges but these three tools make our work more creative, productive and enjoyable across the board.

A remote office atmosphere also has it’s advantages, as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder! At North we have found  that is true!  We stay connected with these tools but we also truly enjoy when we all have the opportunity to get together face to face!


How does your team manage it all? Any awesome tools we didn’t include above? Let us know with a tweet or comment, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.