When the weather gets cooler, decorations get spookier, and everything starts to become flavored with pumpkin spice (for reasons we still don’t fully understand), that means it’s time for the autumn season to officially begin! While our neighbors to the south may disagree, it seems as though recently we’ve begun to see our first glimpses  of fall! Feeling the season rapidly approaching, we thought we would channel our eagerness to carve pumpkins into compiling our list of North Team Fall Favorites!

#BossLady’s favorite part of fall is when the weather gets cool enough to start wearing her favorite ankle booties! When the weather is a little chillier, it’s time to swap out strappy summer heels for a structured pair of ankle booties. We love these shoes because they can dress up any casual outfit like a simple sweater and jeans, to make them instantly on-trend. They’re the comfier alternative to your stilettos because they’ll often have a low, chunky heel that will let you walk with confidence. They’re also more versatile than their high boot counterparts because they become more of an accessory and less of a statement piece to complete any outfit.

Macy’s fall favorite is one that many of us in Tallahassee can also look forward to — Florida State Football!

When you live in a town with a nationally ranked college football team, it’s hard not to become a fan. We love to cheer on the Seminoles all season long as they dominate Doak Campbell Stadium. The chilly fall weather is the best time of year to enjoy a college football game!

#TheDelegator’s favorite thing to do in fall is to visit a pumpkin patch! As we approach Halloween, we begin to see pumpkin patches popping up all over town. Selecting pumpkins to decorate and carve can be a fun way to explore new parts of the city you call home (for #thedelegator that’s Charleston now!)  It’s a great way to get out enjoy the fresh autumn air! Our top pumpkin carving tips are to brush lemon juice on the outside and keep your pumpkin out of direct sunlight to help it last all until Halloween!

Ryan’s favorite part of autumn is the colder weather. With all the trees in Tallahassee, it’s easy to see when the weather starts to change because of all the changing leaves. It also means that it’s time to dig out our favorite outfits that we haven’t been able to wear since February!

#Socialexis’s favorite thing about fall is everything Halloween! She loves to decorate her house with spooky decor, watch scary movies, and go to haunted houses. Every store in town starts to fill with pumpkin decorations, cinnamon candles, and all things orange and black.

The first official day of autumn is September 22nd, and we’re all excited for that day to finally be here! Tell us what you love about fall on our social media pages, and follow us for more spooky surprises to come!