“Act like Audrey. Dress like Jackie. Party like Gatsby.”  

I have always loved this quote, and when I came across it again recently it made me think this is a mantra I try and live by but also try to infuse in our team culture at North.  Afterall, I view the team as  #bossladies in training! These are qualities that I think really embody all the other boss ladies out there who we respect and seek to interact or partner with on a regular basis!

So we got to thinking, “What does act like Audrey. Dress like Jackie. Party like Gatsby. Look like IRL?


Act like Audrey

  • Follow the golden rule — “Do to others what you want them to do to you.”  This is true in life of course, but especially as you take on the world as a #bosslady! Create positive relationships with your superiors, co-workers, clients, vendors , interns and even the mailman by treating them with kindness and respect.  Encouraging and complimenting people you encounter every day in all kinds of ways is what a true boss lady does.  Not only does it create a positive environment around you, it also earns you respect.  And you never know when the barista at your favorite coffee shop is going to be your next client, boss or even the next Mark Zuckerberg!
  • Keep learning — Whether you have achieved #bosslady status or you’ve landed your dream job, it doesn’t mean you’re done learning!  Especially in a field like public relations where technology and the various ways of communication are continuously evolving.  Take the initiative to read anything you can get your hands on that has to do with your industry.  For public relations professionals make sure you’re up to date on popular blogs, pertinent news articles and, our personal favorite, the latest rules according to the Associated Press Style Guide!!  Also, be aware  of what’s going on in the world by keeping up-to-date on current events (At North, we love getting #TheSkimm in our inbox every morning!)  Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help and learn from your mistakes.  Ask your team and others in your industry for feedback and then share the knowledge!
  • Engage — Confidence is key.  Join in the conversation whether it’s sharing some great ideas with your boss about a new client or tweeting about an awesome article you read from The New York Times. Find networking opportunities in your community.  The “boss” ladies at North have stayed involved in organizations like local public relations associations and networking clubs, young professional networks, local chambers in the cities we live and work in throughout the southeast, and women’s organizations and non-profit events and boards that serve some of our favorite personal causes.  Don’t be shy and connect with as many people as you can in your community!


Dress like Jackie

  • Know how to accessorize — Sometimes accessories can take your outfit to the next level.  When dressing for the office, it’s important to remember to be tasteful and professional, and sometimes less is more! If you already have on a long statement necklace, trade in the dangly earrings for a simple pair of studs.  Accessories can also help you on those days when you feel like you just have nothing to wear.  Simply throw on a chic black dress or your favorite “power” slacks then accessorize with a pop of color.  I personally love a sky-high bright pair of pumps! But a cute pair of flats, a colorful belt or scarf, or a statement bag will ensure you command a #bosslady presence when you enter a room that says you are there to take on the world!
  • Watch the hemline —  Your dress or skirt hemlines can be very tricky, especially if you’re tall.  When in doubt aim for knee-length or go back to the rule of thumb from your grade school days: fingertip length.  If your fingertips don’t reach past the bottom of your dress or skirt, it’s too short!  A modest and appropriate hemline is a sure way to keep it classy and bossy!
  • You’re never fully dressed without a smile — Author Jay Danzie once said, “Your smile is your logo.”  Most likely the first thing someone is going to notice about what you’re wearing is your smile.  Research shows that smiling literally releases feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin when a smile flashes across your face.  So flash those pearly whites and enter every room with confidence and pep in your step!


Party like Gatsby

  • Have fun at staff meetings. While staff meetings are important for you and your team  to catch up on what’s going on in the business, it’s also a great opportunity to relieve some stress and reconnect with your team members.  At our staff meetings we like to dedicate a few  minutes to a fun activity, like guessing fun facts about the North team and doing silly “Minute to Win” it challenges.  Staff meetings can help bonding your team while also tackling work-related hurdles and blowing off some steam.
  • Celebrate. Especially at a firm like North, it’s easy for everyone to become really close. So it’s important to acknowledge those special days like birthdays, engagements, holidays, etc.  It’s also a great excuse to just step out for lunch with the staff or brighten someone’s day with a colorful bouquet of flowers!  
  • The boss ladies who play together…At North we always like to share our hobbies and interests with each other.  Bringing in outside hobbies is a fun and easy way to bond with your team. For example, instead of finding someone to cater our holiday party, we decided to all cook together and share our favorite recipes. We’ve also been known to head to hot yoga or knock out a crossfit workout together! Doing an activity outside of the normal daily grind can strengthen your team!
  • Take time off. At North we value “work hard play hard.”  As the lead boss lady, I really try and support the team taking time off not with routine holidays and standard 2-weeks off but after the completion of a big project or campaign, I encourage the team to take a day off to get some R&R!


Use these tips to create a positive work environment and to let people know you are a true #bosslady!

Do you have some tips or fun stories about how to act, dress or party in the workplace?? Email us at [email protected] or tweet us at @NorthPRFL using the hashtag #JackieAudreyGatsby to share!