When reflecting on their career as a professional, many women can recall impactful experiences under wonderful female bosses and mentors, however, they can also usually pinpoint some not so great  “Mean Girl Bosses.”

On our latest podcast episode, the North #BossLadies are joined by “uniter of women” Erin Hall, or “Boss Hall” as she is known around North. Erin has held numerous leadership positions in nonprofits and has a lengthy resume and vast experience under her belt as a mentor and mentee. Throughout the episode the boss ladies highlight lessons learned along the way as they have navigated the good, the bad and the sometimes “Mean Girl Bosses” as well as how important it is for true boss ladies to always empower and support future boss ladies.

As Erin puts it, “I paved this way and I’m gonna make sure the people behind me get the same chance.” She helps the North ladies as they offer our audience tips on how to avoid becoming a Mean Girl Boss, how to deal with having one, and what to remember along the way to living your best boss lady life!

During the episode, the boss ladies shared a few tips that can help you be your best #BossLady throughout all stages of your life, whether a student, young professional, or someone who is now leading the way for the next generation. Here are a few of #BossLadyNorth’s best tips to remember when defining what your best boss life looks like:

  1. Always be a mentor, either individually or through a group or community.
  2. Continue to learn! Make a point to ask other women who serve as your mentors, leaders, colleagues, or friends how they’ve done it.
  3. Set attainable goals for yourself.
  4. Stop apologizing and feeling guilty!
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work! Assemble the right team around you or figure out a “girl squad” that will support you and keep you going through every struggle you encounter.
  6. Evolve or die. We live in an ever-changing world and what worked for you previously might not continue to work in the future. Grow, change, and evolve with the times! It’s okay to redefine what your best boss self looks like.
  7. Take risks and trust your own intuition. Nobody knows you better than you do, so sometimes it is important to just trust what you’re trying to tell yourself!

Being a great boss and leader means consistent growth and the ability to take a step back from fervent ambition to recognize that real bosses know that we all have something to learn from each other, no matter what stage of your work life. Most importantly, we can and should always support all of the other boss ladies around us! Collectively, we can truly run the world!

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