Boss Talk is an event and community of women of all ages and stages supporting each other as we all chase dreams and pursue living our best boss lives!

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Running a company driven by a team of girl bosses got us thinking….What forums are out there for women of all ages and in all stages of their life and career to come together in a safe space and talk about what it takes to live your best boss life?

We decided to create that space. “Boss Talk” was created for communities of women dedicated to living their best boss lives, whatever that may be and supporting each other, cheering for each other, and learning from each other.

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Being a Boss Lady can take many forms…are you killing it as a working mom? Are you just starting out in the professional world and figuring out your next steps? How about navigating the single life while balancing a whirlwind career? Join the conversation with Allison North Jones, a badass CEO who always finds a way to make her passions a reality, Melissa West, a vivacious working mom with a knack for details and organization, and Megan Branham, an energetic advocate who loves connecting with other wonder women as they change the world, as they introduce you to some life hacks, mentors, experts, friends & family that will inspire you to live your best, authentic #BossLady life.

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