A few months ago, #BossLady sat the North staff down at our weekly meeting and told us all about a vision she had for an event. She wanted to create a forum for women that she/we felt like was being overlooked in our world that is being inundated by self-help bloggers.  There’s the mommy bloggers, there’s the social media influencers, countless fashion bloggers, the list goes on an on. But where was the forum for women who didn’t have kids and just worked. Or the women who had kids but didn’t work. Or the recent college grad. Where was the discussion for women who might now want to “lean in,” who wanted to lean back and drink a glass of wine and not feel bad because they weren’t chasing some social media, Instagram-fame fueled “best life?”

Where was the discussion for women of all ages at all stages of their life to not compare themselves to each other but celebrate and empower and learn from each other??

Her question to us, “Can we create a community, a dialogue among women who are living their best boss life — whatever that may look like — and celebrate with each other, not compare each other and just have a  safe space to talk, network, and be inspired by other #BossLadies lives and experiences?”

So the North team of #girlbosses banded together and helped make that vision a reality. What followed was Boss Talk.

Boss Talk launched in Tallahassee in October, and we have plans to host Boss Talks throughout the southeast in the coming year with Tallahassee, Thomasville, Charleston, and Columbia boss ladies all helping us make plans to host events in their cities! As it turns out, there are plenty of female-run businesses and influential women in communities that have been waiting for this kind of event and we have been so inspired by the number of women (and even some men!) who have come forward and want to be a part of the Boss Talk community!

Our first panel, titled “Let’s Talk”, was at Hearth and Soul in Tallahassee this past October. With a toast, a group of empowering women, and glasses full of Farmer’s Daughter rosé, we set off an event that we cannot wait to see grow over across the southeast in the coming months.



If you know some #bossladies that you think should feature on a panel, want to host a Boss Talk, or just want to join our community you can:

  • Join our Facebook discussion group! We encourage all #BossLadies to use this group to their advantage and post any and all things relevant to inspiring, empowering and engaging our community.
  • Attend our December 4th Boss Talk at Sechrest Design Co. on Tuesday, December 4th from 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. This Boss Talk, themed “Leading Ladies”, will feature panelists who have each been involved in local, state, or federal politics and will offer our #BossLadies insights into how you can make your voice heard while staying informed and engaged in your community.
  • Follow Boss Talk on Instagram and Twitter for announcements regarding venues, panelists, and new events!
  • If you know or one of your fellow #BossLadies would like to be a venue or food partner for an upcoming Boss Talk, please email us at [email protected].