When reflecting on their careers, many women can recall impactful experiences under wonderful female bosses and mentors, however, they can also usually pinpoint those who were not so great. It can be discouraging as an employee to encounter….let’s just say…“Mean Girl Bosses.”

On our latest podcast episode, the North #BossLadies are joined by “uniter of women” Erin Hall, or “Boss Hall” as she is known around North. Erin has held numerous leadership positions in nonprofits and has vast experience developing programs and teams. Throughout her career, she has been mentored and served as a mentor to other women. During the podcast, the #BossLadies highlight the importance of always considering both sides of the employee/boss relationship and how, as women who have paved their own way and been helped by others, it is always important to empower and support future #BossLadies in training.

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