The holiday season is one that inspires many to join in with community activities and give back to those who need it most. As a business owner or employee, there are many ways that a business setting can make raising money and collecting items easier. Here are a few ways that your business can get involved and give back this holiday season:

Turn your annual holiday party into a fundraiser or toy drive.

With the holidays comes annual holiday office parties! These are great opportunities to encourage all of your employees and attendees to donate an item or make a small monetary donation to a local charity. Choose a shelter nearby and ask them what their biggest needs during the holidays are. Some easy things to collect at these events include:

  • Non-perishable items,
  • Coats and blankets,
  • Children’s toys and clothing for holiday gifts,
  • Gift cards, often times to grocery stores or family-friendly restaurants,
  • Small, monetary donations as they walk in the door. This can be an optional $5 or $10 entrance fee.

If your holiday party is large, consider doing a raffle with prizes from community sponsors as an easy way to raise some funds!

Set-up a giving tree.

If your office generates a lot of traffic, an easy and festive way to decorate for Christmas and bring in some donations is to make a giving tree. Set-up a Christmas tree and add paper ornaments with needed items from the community, with a reasonable spending limit for your employees and customers. People coming in and out of your office can take the ornament, purchase the item, then return the gift to under the tree before the given end date with the ornament attached. It is an easy and fun way to make the office look festive while also doing some good!

This is also a super easy way to knock out a toy drive for a shelter, as you can write the age of the child and what they asked for for Christmas on the ornaments, then have the gifts returned wrapped and ready to go!


Shut down the office for a day and have the team volunteer.

While money and donations are great, one thing that is just as valuable near the holidays is time. Not everyone is able to set aside a weekend to go and volunteer at a food pantry or a soup kitchen. Give your employees a designated weekday when they would normally be at the office to volunteer instead. It can make for a fun group outing and bonding experience as your employees serve others together!

Donate a portion of your profits during the holiday months.

This is an easy one for small businesses like restaurants, shops, and other service-oriented organizations to give back. Choose a designated charity and give a certain amount of your profit to that organization. Another fun way to do this is to choose a certain product – try choosing all desserts, all appetizers, or a specific line of clothing or product to designate those profits to if your total revenue is a steep donation for your business!

No matter what you do, raising money for a cause or donating items to those in need will help boost morale and get your office in the spirit of the holidays!

Here are some great resources for choosing a local charity or place to volunteer: