Continuing our organizational journey together, I thought I would share with you another hack that I use to stay organized: binders.

I use binders to keep track of all the documents I might need to reference on a daily basis for different projects. As an event coordinator, I find myself looking through the documents of a previous year’s event to compare budgets, decor options, food and beverage and much more!

I find that it is very easy to get confused when there is only a digital copy available, especially if there are multiple events with similar documents. Keeping all the documents for each event in front of me make it easier to quickly reference them when needed.

A pro-tip I have discovered is to apply my color coding hack from my to-do lists to my binders!

Don’t be fooled that all these ways I stay organized were developed overnight — I’ve been making color-coded to-do lists since I was 14 and different versions of binders since I was 12.

There was a lot of trial and error over the course of the past few years as I began to grow personally and professionally and I had adapted to what was best for me. These hacks may or may not work for you, and that is alright, find what works for you, everyone is different!

The key is to try some different tools and see what works for you and the way you think or operate on a daily basis to help you stay organized and motivated in everything you do!

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