As you begin finding the best way to become organized, I thought I would share some tips/hacks to the ways I stay sane throughout my daily life when I start to feel overwhelmed.

My most important organization hack that I use is my to-do list. Every morning I make a to-do list — even on the weekends!

Some days, I do start my list the night before to include items I might not have gotten to that day. I find that this list, along with an ongoing long-term list (more on the later), helps make my tasks more manageable and easier to visualize. When I have things laid out in front of me I am less likely to forget that item, and more likely to create a plan on how to complete it.

One hack I use to help me stay organized (and make things a little prettier to look at) is to color code my list every day.

I’ve created a color key so each project/client has its unique color in my list. This helps to easily identify what needs to be completed and helps me to understand the progress of each project, by simply glancing at my list! It also makes your list more colorful and enjoyable to look at — instead of that feeling of dread that overcomes you when seeing everything that needs to be completed, you can look at a pretty, colorful list instead!

As you can see n the picture above, there are checks next to most items. (Side note: I did pick one of my more productive days to photograph on purpose and not all days look like this.)

Checking off items on my list is one of my favorite things to do! It fills me with a huge sense of accomplishment and motivates me to continue to check things off. I also find that looking back on days that were incredibly busy and seeing all that you were able to complete an “x” amount of things is a big motivator and can also give me a greater perspective on things overall.

Creating and completing to-do lists are the way I stay organized on a day-to-day basis and gives me a full understanding of different projects and clients, along with the work I have completed each day.

I try my best to keep my professional and personal lists separate as I find this helps me process everything better.

When I mix what needs to be done during work with what needs to be done in my personal life (such as different household chores, errands, or vet appointments), I get overwhelmed.

However, there are overlaps at times, such as meetings or appointments, but overall I think keeping things separate helps me focus.

My lists are my best organizational hack as they become my lifeline throughout the day and are incredibly easy to make. I recommend lists to everyone just beginning their organizational journey to become better #MacyManaged in their lives!

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