As event planners, we are focused on the months leading up to the event, and the event itself. But what happens once all the attendees leave happy, giveaway in tow?

As #TheDelegator previously outlined for all event planners, self-care is critical to running a successful event, but how do you continue to be successful coming off said event? It can be difficult to change your primary focus from one event to the next in such a quick turnaround time, often leaving you feeling burnt out.

Throughout the course of North’s many events, our #girlbosses have been able to identify the best ways to ‘detox’ after an event!

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Following an event, your adrenaline is rapidly decreasing and you start to feel the past few hours/days take effect on your body. Once you finally gain back the feeling in your feet and realize how much you need to lie down, you won’t want to stop — and you shouldn’t! Sleeping is the best and easiest way to finally recharge your body after a crazy few days of working an event. Go to bed early, and wake up late because your event is finally done!  

Don’t travel!

If you had to travel a few hours to your event, the best thing you can do after it finishes is to stay where you are. If you have the ability to, stay the night at a hotel the last day of your event. It can be stressful and exhausting to travel, and trying to do this while your body is already exhausted will put an unnecessary strain on yourself.

Do something that makes you happy.

Your brain is usually mush after a big event and can often make you feel as if you are going through the motions of life and not actually enjoying it. It’s important to do something that brings you joy following an event so it recharges your brain. Whether it is taking your child to a park, playing with your dog, or even having a cheat day on your diet, it can improve your mental state immensely, leaving you feeling relieved!

Don’t work!

If you have the opportunity to take a break from your work, it can do wonders for ‘detoxing’ yourself after an event. Many of us at North usually take a few days off following an event to have some much-needed me-time. This allows us to come back to work energized and enthusiastic!


As #TheDelegator has advised before, self-care during events is important; but it is equally as important to do so after the event ends! This can be a great way to unwind and relieve stress, giving you a fresh start and new mindset following an event.

Technology Cleanse.

Technology can be a wonderful, but horrible thing. By putting down your phone for even an hour following an event, it will give you a moment to take a step back from everything happening around you and decompress. It will allow your mind to slow and process the past few days.

Incorporating one, if not a combo of the different ways you can ‘detox’ after an event, into your post-event euphoria will leave you refreshed and ready to start the next event (or, more realistically, continue your work on the next event)!