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How Youtube Stars Use PR Techniques to Develop Their Careers

YouTube has been available to the public for over a decade now, and the video-sharing platform continues to develop daily. YouTube is a vast site that can provide entertainment, knowledge, and discovery. What was once used in simpler ways has developed into an intricate network of communication, sharing content with millions of people worldwide each day. YouTube is also now known to be the root of many new careers.

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Whether musicians, actors, or beauty gurus, YouTube has given normal people the opportunity to develop their passion into a successful career. A few examples of peoplewho have developed their careers by using successful PR and communications techniques are Michelle Phan, Austin Mahone, Jaclyn Hill, Jenna Marbles, Tyler Oakley, Zoella, and Cody Simpson.

While the people mentioned above do have enormous talent, they also have essential skills that have helped them continue to expand their YouTube careers and online presence.  

The best thing that these YouTubers do is use their platform and technology to focus on their strengths and develop their weaknesses. By focusing on a specific niche of what they are good at, they can cater to an audience who will appreciate their work. For example, Jenna Marble uses humor and her ability to relate to a younger generation (i.e. this video) to engage a millennial audience. 

These individuals also share a commonality in that they took a risk and just went for it. They did not ask for permission or let any boundaries stop them. They took a chance by posting their first videos because they believed in themselves and their art. By taking the first steps and putting themselves out there, they were able to share what they love with the world.

Communicating with fans is one great way that these individuals uphold their YouTube fame. They constantly connect with their viewers and subscribers, and have even developed their profiles on other forms of social media as well—including Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

By using these other social media platforms, they can continue to increase their fans and draw people to their YouTube videos.

These “celebrities” have developed techniques to uphold communication with their followers in the same way that PR firms capture their clients. An aspect of this is creating an interesting and captivating message and conveying it effectively across a medium. An additional part to this is trial and error. If something does not work, it is altered until the audience deems the content valuable.

Everyday, firms are trying to position their clients in the public eye in order to create success and recognition. Modern-day social media is included in this process just like how the YouTubers use it. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube, PR encompasses and uses these social media platforms to their full advantage to create a network of communication. If society notices that a business has a wide array of successful media, they often perceive the business itself as important and successful. In PR, perception is reality. That is why it is important to develop a brand through media, and constantly promote what you are doing and what you can provide.