Get To Know #BossLadyNorth:

What Jeopardy category could you clear, no problem?

Jeopardy is still on? Any category about coffee or wine.

Favorite Office Snack?

Something salty or coffee.

Best account to follow on social media?


Who do you admire and why?

All women! But Ruth Bader Ginsburg comes to mind. Not is the ultimate in checks and balances but she is a woman who to me embodies strength, grace, fortitude and resilience all qualities every woman should aspire to embrace & exhibit a little bit every day.

Where do you look for inspiration?

My mother, Peggy and really all women, especially those I am surrounded by each and every day. I am blessed to be surrounded by a diverse group of women and they inspire me every day in big and small ways.

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

There’s been plenty of it but two of my favorites: See yourself through your own eyes. – Dad

Figure out who you are and do it on purpose. – Dolly Parton

Tell us about your position at North:

I founded North in 2011 with little more than my passion for communicating and a couple of clients who believed in me. A lot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears) have gone into building a company that works for clients and projects we are passionate about.  I never set out to be a CEO or in business for myself — although some in my family will tell you I’ve always been “bossy.” It’s taken time (almost 10 years) patience (not a strength) and a lot of trial and error to develop the North approach, continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing field of communications and grow an amazing team of girl bosses that are equally passionate about the North approach! Now with what feels like an army of girl bosses alongside me, we are working on changing the way companies, communities and organizations communicate and grow their brands while also working on initiatives that empower more women to channel their inner #boss!

How did your education prepare you for your career?

I studied journalism.  I guess one of the things I learned in school and early in my career as a journalist was to listen and observe everything and of course take copious notes.  I still carry those skills with me today — almost to a fault. Being hyper observant can be a little distracting at times!

How has working in your industry changed the way you look at the world?

Every day is a new experience — our clients are so diverse and have varied needs — no day is the same. So I think it’s taught me to keep an open mind and also patience. Patience to be able to see the full picture because things aren’t always as they first appear!

How do you handle work-life balance?

Crossfit, coffee, wine.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I sing.

What is something you’re proud of?


Anything else you’d like to add about why you love North:

The squad of #girlbosses past, present & future!

About #BossLadyNorth

Founder & CEO

Allison is experienced in all aspects of media strategy, public policy and planning with nearly 20-years of experience, beginning her career as a journalist covering politics for national news organizations in Washington D.C. and then Florida. In 2006, Allison hung up her press pass and began her career as a public relations consultant and executive developing state and federal campaigns and public relations initiatives for a variety of clients.

Working for national news organizations in Washington D.C., including the New York Times, Bloomberg News and CNN, Allison developed a keen understanding of politics and public policy. As a member of Florida’s Capitol Press Corps, Allison covered the Florida Legislature as well as statewide and national political campaigns for the Tampa Tribune.

Since leaving the Florida Press Corps, Allison has helped develop numerous public relations campaigns and secured media exposure for a wide range of businesses, associations and nonprofit organizations.  She has also served as a consultant and communications director for numerous Florida primary and general election campaigns.

As a former member of the national media as well as the Florida Capitol Press Corps, Allison’s ongoing relationships with the media in Florida, Washington D.C. and throughout the country, combined with her intimate understanding of how best to communicate with them and garner access to the media gives clients an edge in their public relations and marketing campaigns.

Allison has also developed messaging and managed crisis communications for businesses small and large, developed strategic communications for Fortune 500 companies, and serves as a media consultant for several nonprofit associations and advocacy organizations throughout the country.

Throughout 2013, Allison hosted a morning drive-time radio show during which she interviewed a wide array of high-profile political and media personalities.  Allison is also a frequent source for the media.

When she’s not traveling all over doing all the #bosslady things, Allison can be found spending her “free time” either consuming coffee or rosé and spending time with her rescue pup, Brynn.