You’ve just finished designing an app that will revolutionize the way everyone (insert verb here). You’ve worked with the best team (ahem, App Innovators) and strategized for months about the best look, feel, and function of the app.

Now what?

How do you get people to download it and sign up? Who is your app’s target market, and are you forgetting anyone who can be included in that list? Should you advertise your app and on what medium?

App design is integral to the success of an app but so is your marketing and communications strategy. There are millions of amazing products out there that you don’t know about. That’s why the ABC television show Shark Tank has done so well. We all want to know about the next best thing but the amount of information being thrown at us daily is overwhelming. Your marketing and communications strategy should help you cut through all of that.

North’s partnership with App Innovators has allowed us to not only design amazing apps for our clients but also allowed us to educate our clients on the need for marketing around your app.

First we work with clients to define their target market, and it may be a bit outside of your comfort zone for who you originally had in mind. The value of a team is that not everyone thinks the same way you do.

Next we create a strategy for marketing your app to that audience. This involves thinking about traditional marketing (print, digital, billboards, buses, etc.), earned media, partnerships, social media, and a whole host of other communications mediums. We take all of this into account and make decisions on how much of our resources should be expended and where.

Then we launch! We launch the app, the marketing, the communications, the outreach, the pitching, we launch all the rockets we have in our arsenal that we have laid out in our communications plan.


If you are creating an app, launching and then wondering why it isn’t going anywhere, we’ve done the work for you and figured out what’s missing….You need a communications and marketing strategy!
Hey, we might even recommend you make a visit to the Shark Tank!