In this day and age if you are not utilizing social media and other web-based platforms to promote your business, you’re not only falling behind your competitors, you’re missing out on an extremely cost-effective way to “advertise.”


Whereas 10 years ago, a potential client would have picked up a phone book to find out about your business, now they turn to Facebook and Google. An organization’s image online can often be the make or break point for a lot of potential clients or supporters to your business. People are much less likely to hire, donate, join, or spread the word about your company if your online presence is not up-to-date.

North has a few quick and easy tips to ramp up your company’s digital presence.

Get Personal

Humans have been telling stories, and connecting by telling stories for more than 10,000 years. In the simplest of terms, people like hearing about other people. Sharing personal background stories, showing and promoting your team online, or even sharing reviews made by happy clients grow your positive reputation. It’s one thing for your business to say they are the best, it’s another for people who have used your services to confirm you went above and beyond.

Get Creative

If you are not sharing photos and videos with everything you post to social media, you are missing out on a large, easily attainable audience. Users are much more likely to spend time looking at your post if there is something visual attached to your text. Potential clients are more likely to remember you if they have an image or video to associate with your organization.

Get Interactive

Find ways to engage with your audience by asking and answering questions on your social media. People like their voices to be heard, and social media is often the quickest way for them to make their voices heard or have their questions answered. Showing that you care to engage with your audience is just another way to build trust in your company.

Get Excited

Allow your organization’s passion and personality to shine through in your social media. Show your audience why you do what you do every day, and what keeps you and your team motivated. Share personal stories and triumphs and make sure everyone knows why they should get excited as well.

In short, make sure you are posting relatable and creative content to keep your audience engaged. It is easier than ever for you to gain exposure simply by making genuine and organic content.

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