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Pick up the Phone

At North we have noticed that the latest generation of public relation professionals seem to have a fear of picking up the phone and prefer communicating thru email and text. This fear of picking up the phone most likely is due to the technology dependent society that they have grown up in. Our society relies heavily on email, texting and social media to communicate in both our personal and professional lives.

Simply picking up the phone to call a client or following up with a reporter can send a positive message that a quick email is unable to do.  Not to mention, hearing someone’s response and inflection can make a big difference.  The trouble with emails and texts are that we can often put meaning to things that may or may not be there!

Although technology has advanced the workplace and contributed to simplifying communication, it goes without saying that placing a personal call will have a positive impact on your client. At North our #BossLady has taught us that each day we should jot down a call list and keep it on our desk.

Not only will this keep you on track with who you need to call for the day, it also is a simple way to make sure that you are speaking with clients each day on the phone. Your clients will appreciate that you took the time out of your busy schedule to check in with them or address any issues for that day.

Picking up the phone is also a great way to communicate with reporters. Many young public relations professionals make the mistake of blasting out emails to reporters and simply waiting for responses. The best way to get quick feedback is by placing a call directly to the reporter. Emails can easily go unanswered but phone calls are hard to ignore. Even if a reporter doesn’t answer, leaving a short message for them will go a long way. Just by calling you have begun the process of establishing a relationship with them.

Firms that pick up the phone to speak with a client or reporter set themselves apart from those who rely solely on technology to communicate. Taking the time to have a conversation will prove that you are committed to assisting your client with their needs and that you are dedicated to pitching a story to a reporter.

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And that’s just the straight up from North!