In today’s 24-hour news cycle it’s important to recognize when a crisis happen the media scrutiny can quickly overwhelm the ability of the organization to effectively respond.  With some of the largest and most successful thoroughbred racing and training facilities and parimutuel gaming operations throughout the country, as well as various other business entities and endeavors, the Stronach Group is consistently under the media’s microscope.

Working with the Stronach Group, North’s strategic communications professionals have consistently helped Stronach anticipate the media’s coverage and respond immediately and thoroughly.

North’s strategic communications and messaging in response to crisis as well as during various legislative initiatives has created positive opportunities for the Stronach Group, its ownership team and various partner businesses and organizations. By ensuring the messaging was responsive and solution/action oriented, North has helped reinforce the company’s position as a leader throughout various industries in the U.S. and Canada.


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