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Public Relations Lingo You Need to Know

Every field is full of lingo and jargon the outside world wouldn’t understand. Public relations and marketing is no different, but we are here to help! Below are a few of our favorite public relations and marketing terms and shorthand everyone should know:

  1. Boilerplate – Although this sounds like something grandma uses in the kitchen, a boilerplate is a necessity for every organization looking to tell the world their story. A boilerplate is a short paragraph most often seen at the end of a press release, which summarizes your company. It should include your mission statement, website and any other pertinent information. The key to a good boilerplate is to make sure it is informative and to the point; longer than 3-4 sentences, and you have lost the Allison point.
  2. Pitch – When your public relations consultants call media to gauge their interest in a story about your organization or to better inform them of your recent event, campaign or product, this is called a pitch. North is always pitching media, it’s the best way to stay in touch with what the media is covering and is most of the time done through a personal email or phone call.
  3. Brand/Branding – Branding, branding, branding… North is a broken record when reminding clients to think about branding and brand consistency. Many people however aren’t sure of what branding means. Your brand is your companies “image” portrayed through images, language, collateral materials, a tagline or phrase, your logo, colors, etc. When we say “Just Do It” what is your first thought? What if I showed you the picture on the right? Or what if I told you this company’s logo has two arches? These are all recognizable brands who have prided themselves on their branding consistency and it has paid off over the years.
  4. B-roll – When inviting media to your recent event, you may have overheard your public relations team discussing good shots for b-roll. B-roll is essentially a highlight reel used to promote your event, spokesperson or product. It is often used as additional footage and in the past literally referred to the “B” tape with the extra footage. North often provides reporters with b-roll when available and if not, discusses with the reporter some parts of the event that may be good for additional footage

We hope next time you hear the terms above, you feel a part of the in-crowd. In any case if you have recently heard public relations or marketing lingo or jargon that you don’t understand, shoot us an email at [email protected] or tweet us at @NorthPRFL using #PRLingo.

And that’s just the straight up from North!