On this episode of Boss Talk, we’re joined by the millennials of the North team! Guided by the knowledge and insight of #TheDelegator and #BossLadyNorth, the younger ladies in our squad have been inspired to identify their passion, reach their goals, and find their voice. The team discusses what it means to be a girl boss at every age and all they’ve learned along the way. Being a girl boss at 20 versus 30 or 40 and beyond can sometimes mean having different goals, or even just a new perspective during a different chapter of life, but at the end of the day, we’re all just chasing those girl boss dreams!

Being a Girl Boss in Your 20s

#MacyManaged and #SociallyAlexis are both graduates of Florida State University who joined the North team to at the start of their professional careers. During this episode, they both discuss the transition of going from being full-time students to now finding work-life balance. What they’ve found is that there’s a whole new balancing act as a young professional trying to grow your professional network, and also your personal network of friends while “adulting.” Being a girl boss in your 20s often means accepting that sometimes this transition isn’t always smooth and simple, and learning how to adapt, but also be patient knowing its a process. It can also mean knowing when you don’t have all of the answers and when to reach out for help and guidance from some who have been doing it (just a little) bit longer.

Being a Girl Boss in Your 30s

In your 30s, being a girl boss can be ever evolving. For some, it may mean a change or advancement in your career, or even just a new outlook on life. For #TheDelegator, it means finding that #girlboss #momlife balance.  Topping her list is career goals combined with incorporating her family’s goals. Juggling being a busy mom, wife, friend, and can often be overwhelming for even the most committed and organized girl boss. However, for #TheDelegator who is an operational savant, has found a way to make sure things run smoothly at North and at home (the West Family has a google drive and yes, there is an Asana project tracking utilized for her 3-year-old.) Basically, #girlbossgoals for many of us.

Being a Girl Boss in Your 40s

Being a girl boss in your 40s means you have a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. It also means that you’re passing on your mentorship onto your younger girl boss peers. Some days it may feel like you’re doing #allthethings and crushing life, and other days it may be recognizing when a day of self-care is necessary. To #BossLadyNorth, being a girl boss has always meant believing in yourself and in your dreams.  However, it also means knowing you gotta pay it forward, she’s committed to sharing her wisdom and inspiring even the youngest and greenest of girl bosses to chase their career goals with as much passion (and occasional reckless abandon) as she has over the last 20 years!

Listen to Episode 5 of  Boss Talk as the North team delves into their unique experiences achieving their girl boss goals, as well as share a few lessons/life hacks learned along the way.