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Staying in Touch

In the age of social media and texting, sometimes it’s hard to remember to sit down and write a note or pick up the phone and talk with someone. If you find yourself networking with people and adding them on social media but never engaging with them, what good are you doing? Networking is a crucial aspect of the public relations field, and if you follow these tips, not only will you become a better networker but you also will be setting yourself apart in the ways that you stay in touch!

Social media.

While it isn’t enough to simply add someone on social media as a connection, it’s great to network with someone face to face and then add on social media. Through your network of professionals your news feed will become full of relevant articles and you can stay up to date with your peers career changes and more! Using your social media to stay connected will be the easiest way for you to stay up to date with things happening with your network. Next time you make plans to have coffee or lunch, you will be able to congratulate them on their latest promotion or job!

Phone calls.

Sometimes a quick phone call is all it takes to learn something new. Jot down a list of colleagues that you haven’t spoken with lately and try to contact them over the duration of the week.

Greeting cards.

A fun way to reach out to people is by sending greeting cards. A simple handwritten note is all it takes. It can be to say thank you or even for a holiday. Send these to people you have connected with in the past, or people you have just met. After you meet someone for lunch or have a great conversation at a meeting, send them a handwritten thank you note for their time.

Invite them out.

Whether it’s lunch or just coffee, face-to-face communication is always the best way to build and maintain a relationship. Before the rush of the day begins, find a spot between offices to catch up and enjoy coffee. If you have a large group of colleagues, invite them all out for dinner to network with each other. Try to find some time to do a little research beforehand, like checking out everyone’s social media to see if any congratulations are due.

When you keep in touch with your professional network, they are much more likely to help you out when you need a helping hand. Maintain a genuine relationship with these people and the rest will be easy.

What are some other ways you find effective for staying in touch with your professional network? Email your networking tips to us at [email protected] or tweet us at @NorthPRFL

And that’s just the straight up from North!