As algorithms change and evolve on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, many businesses have seen their organic reach begin to decline. Many pages have begun to turn to paid or “boosted” posts, while others have discovered ways to turn the algorithm to their favor. Facebook for example now favors content posted by friends and family over businesses, brands, and media, meaning it’s important now more than ever to be creating content that users want to share on their own profile. This algorithm change also shifted to showing posts that encourage meaningful interactions between not only friends but also business page posts.

Here are a couple of methods we utilize to tackle social media algorithms and help boost organic reach:

Show Behind the Scenes Content

Users are bombarded daily by so many advertisements and inauthentic content that they tend to glaze over posts that feel too curated. Audiences are now more interested in seeing the real people, and the inner workings behind businesses and products that they love rather than content that looks too staged.

Embrace the Hashtag — AKA Understanding the Hashtag

The easiest way to expand your content to new audiences is to grab the attention of other businesses and pages that may share you on their page. A lot of brands have hashtags for their fans to use that they pull from to highlight on their own platforms. Tagging brands and businesses in your Instagram stories and posts may also lead to them resharing your page.

Create Content Users Want to Share (Organically)

On Facebook especially, getting other users to want to share your content is one of the best ways to expand your reach, gain new followers, and increase your brand’s online presence. It is important to keep in mind, however, that sites like Facebook rate post quality negatively if they detect you’re using means of influencing users to share or comment on your posts non-organically, such as directly asking readers to like your post or comment.

Use New Features

Facebook and Instagram especially are constantly rolling out new and interesting features for their users to engage with. Being amongst the first to utilize these new features means that you are more likely to come up first in users’ news feeds to encourage others to also use them.

Find A Balance: Quality vs. Quantity

There is a fine line that you must follow to balance post quality and quantity. If you have too many posts that have low user-engagement, algorithms may begin to determine your page as a whole may not have quality, share-worthy content, and therefore show you less frequently to users. Focusing on posting high-quality content, even if less frequent, is sure to keep your users engaged and allow your page to show up more frequently in their news feed. One portion of Instagram and Facebook’s algorithm is the length of time users spend interacting with your page, so if your followers are quick to swipe by your posts, you will not show up for them as often.

And lastly, always adapt to the changing trends and utilize your analytics to drive your future content. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to how to optimize your social media engagement. In fact, the most popular users realize that there will inevitably be a new algorithm adjustment every couple of months just as some are becoming comfortable with the old updates. While one method of gaining organic reach and engagements may work great for you for a few months, it’s important to always be testing out new modes of attracting attention to your page.


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